My little bumblebee is 8 months old!

Seriously….. has eight months already passed since my little man arrived?

Even though his teething is keeping me up at night, I am soaking in all that I can.  I am throwing “sleep training” out of the window, because I LOVE rocking and cradling him while he falls asleep in my arms.

I love how he stretches for me and keeps crying until he is in my arms.

I love how he still likes to look at my face and thinks I am the funniest person in the world.

I love his cubby legs and how he lets me just kiss him all over.

It saddens me that life can get so busy with my other kids that the time I have with my little man quickly slips away.

BUT… the good thing is I am capturing all these wonderful moments and I know they will bring pure joy for many many many years to come!