{photography #9} focus on the details

Sometimes we get so focused on the big picture and wanting to get everything in our photograph.  This is great when you have a beautiful waterfall in the background, but sometimes the photographs we treasure the most are ones with the little details.  Some of my favorite images from my clients are of feet, hands, eyes, noses, and just faces.  I’ve posted some of my favorite detailed images below.  Next time you are taking a picture, try capturing your child’s hands while building legos or drawing.  Did you just put your baby girl’s hair up in her first pony tail or pig tails?  Take a picture of just her pig tails!  If you have a little newborn in the house, make sure to capture his/her teeny tiny hands and toes compared to yours.  These are the little moments and details that go away so fast and that we treasure most.  Happy shooting!

Check out my friend’s blog post Perspective Matters about photography.  I’ve known this wonderful lady since my high school days in Georgia.  She now lives in California, mother of three boys, and takes beautiful photographs!