{photography tip #3} What's that sticking out of her head?

This month’s photography tip is based on my recent mistake during a photo session - I didn’t check the background!  I captured these great moments of a mother and son, however while I was taking their picture I realized there was a lamp sticking out of the mother’s head!  Good thing I caught it, so I was able to change angles so the lamp was no longer in the image.  Here is one of the pictures I captured with the lamp:

Thank goodness for photoshop, because I sure loved this moment.  I was able to erased the lamp.  Here is the finished image:

Removing the lamp really made this photo so much better.  It allows the viewer to focus on the mother and not that thing sticking out of her head. :)

Here is an example of changing my location and angle so the lamp is not a distraction:

Do you have a funny photography with something strange sticking out of someone’s head?  I would love to see it!  Post it on my facebook page and you will have a chance to win a free 8X10 ($35 value) if you book the special 20 for $20- Easter Portrait Special.  You have until Friday, April 1 to post your picture.