too many great photos... not enough time | decatur family photographer

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog for over a year now. Managing my family has overtaken my time, so any extra things I normally get to do for my business has been put on the backburner. I have been blessed to capture so many beautiful moments and I hope to slowly get to share them with you. Here are a few highlights of this past year.

family full of laughs | decatur family photographer

I've had so many great sessions the last two years and I just haven't been able to blog and share them. As my children grow, so do their extracurricular activities. Soccer, dance, piano, school functions, and volunteering has taken most of my time.  I also teach fitness classes, so by the end of the day, I am zapped.  But, my focus this year is getting back on track with Cathy Clicks. I will be sharing some past sessions and new ones too.

This one was from 2016.  This family are dear friends of ours. I love how they loved the photos of them laughing!  I hope they make you laugh too!  Have a great weekend!

Family-sized love | Decatur Georgia Family Photography

I have spent the last two days trying to put into words how I feel about these images and the people in them.... and I can't do it.  These two people are awesome, this baby is amazing, and the whole photo session was the bomb! The images speak for themselves! Hope they make you smile like they do for me!


Sweet dreams

It is always hard to move and adjust to a new city.  Coming from more rural Maine, Decatur has been an adjustment.  However this new year and spring weather has brought a dream that I thought I couldn't accomplish.  Decatur, YMCA, and warmer weather has allowed me to lose four babies worth of excess fat (Lost 22 lbs so far!!!) and made me into a jogger!!  If you know me, I've always said I see no joy in jogging and will never jog or do races.  Well, I now jog almost everyday and find such joy and peace when I do it!  I even did my first 5K!

Well, I don't take my camera on my jogs but I still like to capture my moments with my phone.  My sweet buzz always falls asleep on my morning jogs when dropping big brother at preschool.

I hope 2014 has brought sweet dreams to you and your love ones.  I praise God for bringing us to Decatur and the strength to get back into shape!