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three plus one equals four | Atlanta Maternity Photographer

3 years ago, I had the blessing to photograph this little girl just out of the tummy. Now she is going to be a big sister! We spent a beautiful night at Jimmy Carter Library Gardens in Atlanta, capturing moments before this family of three become four. (Click photos to enlarge.)

too many great photos... not enough time | decatur family photographer

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog for over a year now. Managing my family has overtaken my time, so any extra things I normally get to do for my business has been put on the backburner. I have been blessed to capture so many beautiful moments and I hope to slowly get to share them with you. Here are a few highlights of this past year.

family full of laughs | decatur family photographer

I've had so many great sessions the last two years and I just haven't been able to blog and share them. As my children grow, so do their extracurricular activities. Soccer, dance, piano, school functions, and volunteering has taken most of my time.  I also teach fitness classes, so by the end of the day, I am zapped.  But, my focus this year is getting back on track with Cathy Clicks. I will be sharing some past sessions and new ones too.

This one was from 2016.  This family are dear friends of ours. I love how they loved the photos of them laughing!  I hope they make you laugh too!  Have a great weekend!

Three's a charm | Atlanta Family Photographer

These boys.  I. can't. even..... put into words how I feel about this family.

I feel so blessed that I got to capture the sweet. pure. joy. (and craziness) of these boys.  They are so full of personality and so sweet to each other..... which is all because of their amazing parents!

Photography has been on the back burner the last couple of years, but sessions like this makes me appreciate and cherish the families I get to know, the talents God has given me, and the warm fuzzy feelings photography does to me.

It's that time again.....

Christmas is just around the corner!  Do you send out Christmas Cards?  I am running a Mini-Session special.  You'll receive a 30 minute session at the location of your choice (within 5 miles from Decatur, GA) and 5-7 high resolution finished images for you to print on your own for $250.

Check out this recent session of my friend from over 20 years ago.  He was my Sunday School teacher when I was in high school!  It was such a blessing to photograph his beautiful family!

Highlight from Maine | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

Its been two years since we moved from Maine and two years since I've seen this wonderful family.  We found each other when we were both pregnant.  This darling three year old was in her mama's tummy.  Since then I have been watching her grow through my lens.

I was so THRILLED when Jen asked me for a session during my vacation back to Maine.  Jen's showed her appreciation by giving me flowers from her garden (which she knows I LOVE) and her own home grown strawberries.  We spent the evening at Ferry Beach, capturing their sweet moments.  I'll travel back to Maine just so I can capture these beautiful smiles!

Last Christmas.....

I recently did a session where we searched for great wall pieces for their backdrops.  Then I realized, I never shared our Christmas images from last year.  Each year, my husband and I get excited about figuring out where to place our kids in front of.  It is amazing living around all the Living Walls art pieces.  Atlanta has changed so much since we moved away 12 years ago!  I think this year, we will have to find a wall with this guy's work on it!

Family-sized love | Decatur Georgia Family Photography

I have spent the last two days trying to put into words how I feel about these images and the people in them.... and I can't do it.  These two people are awesome, this baby is amazing, and the whole photo session was the bomb! The images speak for themselves! Hope they make you smile like they do for me!


From MailChimp Art Party

My kids were treated well at the MailChimp Art Party!  Kids drew pictures of Freddie, MailChimp's mascot for a billboard in Atlanta.  They displayed all the artwork for the party, and showered the kids with gifts, food, and fun!  Our kids insisted on wearing their t-shirts to bed and the next day.  They were also stamped with some tats from Tattly. MailChimp is the best company EVER!

You know you are a photographer, when you are constantly looking for great photo ops!

We visited my old college stomping grounds this past weekend.  It was so strange being back in Athens with four children in tow.  It was also different because I was seeing the city and campus with a photographer's eye.  I constantly saw great backdrops and photography opportunities. (Honestly, sometimes I wished I could turn it off!)  As you can see by the photos below, my daughter is the only one that allowed me to use her when I saw these photo ops!  Have a wonderful week!  

_MG_7237 copy.png
_MG_7241 copy.png
_MG_7182 copy.png

My little guy turned ONE!

One year ago, I remember the days of just waiting…. and waiting, and waiting.  I couldn’t wait - not just because I was miserable, but I just wanted to meet this person that God has given me.

I feel complete now.

I feel so LUCKY that I get to be this little guy’s mama.  This guy makes me laugh and smile, and just brings pure joy to my days of craziness.  Even though he has been the worse sleeper out of all my kids, I will only look back and cherish the nights that I got to cuddle close to him.

365 days have gone by too fast.  I want it to slow down, but I look forward to the many many days that I get to spend with him.

I’m 4! | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

This mama and son duo has such a great relationship.  I am so honored to be able to capture their moments together again.  This little guy is turning 4 and had so many great ideas for “shots” during the session.  Actually, one of my favorite images from this session was his idea!  It was so great to meet the grandparents too!

Crossing Paths | Falmouth Maine Family Photography

It amazing me how God works even in the little ways.  This family found me when I first started this company in Maine.  They were one of the first Maine couples that I did a maternity photo session.  Now after three years, they have added two beautiful girls to their family.

Since we first met, we have grown a friendship.  Not only do I still capture their family portraits, but we are in the same mother’s group.  Our kids play together!

This family has made my journey in Maine a great one.  They help me with my love for photography, as I capture their beautiful relationships.  They are also just great people!  I am going to miss this family!

See ya later Lobsta! | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

One of the best things that I love about being a photographer is capturing the growth and changes to a family.  Carrie and I were both waddling around when we first met.  Then I was able to photograph this little guy when he was fresh out of mama’s belly!

Now we are again on the same journey and moving out of Maine.  So glad that I was able to capture these family portraits.  I just love how this mama and daddy couldn’t stop kissing little ‘T.’  Warmth fills my heart when I see a family with such love and joy!

One year ago… | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

One year ago I met this wonderful family when little P was still in mama’s belly.  I am so glad that this wonderful family found me and chose me to be their photographer!

I’ve had the honor to photograph ‘P’ when she was a few days old, 6 months old, and now one year old.  Though she has changed each time I’ve seen her… what hasn’t changed is the love, fun, and happiness this family has together!

As the days get closer to my family leaving Maine, my heart grows sadder to think that I will not be able to continue to photograph families like this one.

But, the awesome thing is when I look back on these photos - it will only bring me happiness!

(Click each image to get a closer look.)