Sweet Reminder

It has been a few months since I've done a photo session, and I couldn't think of a better way of starting back up again than with this family.  This sweet pair stole my heart and filled my camera with beautiful moments.  If my own family hasn't stolen my time, I would be photographing awesome families, like this one, all the time!

(I am taking very limited family sessions this holiday season with special pricing.  Contact me for more information.)

From MailChimp Art Party

My kids were treated well at the MailChimp Art Party!  Kids drew pictures of Freddie, MailChimp's mascot for a billboard in Atlanta.  They displayed all the artwork for the party, and showered the kids with gifts, food, and fun!  Our kids insisted on wearing their t-shirts to bed and the next day.  They were also stamped with some tats from Tattly. MailChimp is the best company EVER!

Sweet dreams

It is always hard to move and adjust to a new city.  Coming from more rural Maine, Decatur has been an adjustment.  However this new year and spring weather has brought a dream that I thought I couldn't accomplish.  Decatur, YMCA, and warmer weather has allowed me to lose four babies worth of excess fat (Lost 22 lbs so far!!!) and made me into a jogger!!  If you know me, I've always said I see no joy in jogging and will never jog or do races.  Well, I now jog almost everyday and find such joy and peace when I do it!  I even did my first 5K!

Well, I don't take my camera on my jogs but I still like to capture my moments with my phone.  My sweet buzz always falls asleep on my morning jogs when dropping big brother at preschool.

I hope 2014 has brought sweet dreams to you and your love ones.  I praise God for bringing us to Decatur and the strength to get back into shape! 



First 2014 Giveaway

Spring is just around the corner so that means it is time for Spring Photo Sessions!

To start off this new season in Atlanta, Georgia I will be giving away a photo session and $75 print credit.  Session location must be within 10 miles from Decatur, GA.  To enter, just signup for my monthly newsletter.  Signup right here ------->

If you share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, leave a comment on my Facebook page, and your name will be entered again into the giveaway!

You have until Sunday, March 16th to signup and share.  The winner will be announced on my Facebook page and contacted via email on Monday, March 17th.

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You know you are a photographer, when you are constantly looking for great photo ops!

We visited my old college stomping grounds this past weekend.  It was so strange being back in Athens with four children in tow.  It was also different because I was seeing the city and campus with a photographer's eye.  I constantly saw great backdrops and photography opportunities. (Honestly, sometimes I wished I could turn it off!)  As you can see by the photos below, my daughter is the only one that allowed me to use her when I saw these photo ops!  Have a wonderful week!  

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Country to City…. and new beginnings

Since moving to the city, we thought it was appropriate that our session for our Christmas card should be one of the beautiful painted walls in Atlanta.  It was hard to pick, but this one is under an overpass for the Marta (subway) off N. Dekalb in Kirkwood.

It hasn’t been the easiest transition, going from living on 10 acres to only having .63 acre.  And it has been a hard transition having my husband not work at home anymore.  He used to work 10 hour days, but only 4 days a week.  So I had Friday-Sunday to do sessions and work on photos.  Now he works at an office,  5 days a week.  I didn’t realize the blessing it was for my husband to be at home.  It has been draining, so my business has been put on hold.

I am still tired, like all the time, however I just cannot step away from what I love to do.  So hopefully when this cold weather disappears, I can start doing what I love again!  Look out Atlanta peeps, I will be having a special promotion to start out my business here.

My little guy turned ONE!

One year ago, I remember the days of just waiting…. and waiting, and waiting.  I couldn’t wait - not just because I was miserable, but I just wanted to meet this person that God has given me.

I feel complete now.

I feel so LUCKY that I get to be this little guy’s mama.  This guy makes me laugh and smile, and just brings pure joy to my days of craziness.  Even though he has been the worse sleeper out of all my kids, I will only look back and cherish the nights that I got to cuddle close to him.

365 days have gone by too fast.  I want it to slow down, but I look forward to the many many days that I get to spend with him.

I’m 4! | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

This mama and son duo has such a great relationship.  I am so honored to be able to capture their moments together again.  This little guy is turning 4 and had so many great ideas for “shots” during the session.  Actually, one of my favorite images from this session was his idea!  It was so great to meet the grandparents too!

Crossing Paths | Falmouth Maine Family Photography

It amazing me how God works even in the little ways.  This family found me when I first started this company in Maine.  They were one of the first Maine couples that I did a maternity photo session.  Now after three years, they have added two beautiful girls to their family.

Since we first met, we have grown a friendship.  Not only do I still capture their family portraits, but we are in the same mother’s group.  Our kids play together!

This family has made my journey in Maine a great one.  They help me with my love for photography, as I capture their beautiful relationships.  They are also just great people!  I am going to miss this family!

See ya later Lobsta! | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

One of the best things that I love about being a photographer is capturing the growth and changes to a family.  Carrie and I were both waddling around when we first met.  Then I was able to photograph this little guy when he was fresh out of mama’s belly!

Now we are again on the same journey and moving out of Maine.  So glad that I was able to capture these family portraits.  I just love how this mama and daddy couldn’t stop kissing little ‘T.’  Warmth fills my heart when I see a family with such love and joy!

One year ago… | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

One year ago I met this wonderful family when little P was still in mama’s belly.  I am so glad that this wonderful family found me and chose me to be their photographer!

I’ve had the honor to photograph ‘P’ when she was a few days old, 6 months old, and now one year old.  Though she has changed each time I’ve seen her… what hasn’t changed is the love, fun, and happiness this family has together!

As the days get closer to my family leaving Maine, my heart grows sadder to think that I will not be able to continue to photograph families like this one.

But, the awesome thing is when I look back on these photos - it will only bring me happiness!

(Click each image to get a closer look.)

Worth the wait | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

I’ve waited so long to capture portraits for this beautiful family again!  After many reschedules last Fall, we finally had perfect weather, open schedules, and no one was sick!

I am not good with words, and I wish I can express how much these sessions mean to me.  Being able to be a part of this family and capture these beautiful moments, are so dear to me.  The best compliment is when families come back - so glad that this family chose me again.

(Click image to enlarge.)

My little bumblebee is 8 months old!

Seriously….. has eight months already passed since my little man arrived?

Even though his teething is keeping me up at night, I am soaking in all that I can.  I am throwing “sleep training” out of the window, because I LOVE rocking and cradling him while he falls asleep in my arms.

I love how he stretches for me and keeps crying until he is in my arms.

I love how he still likes to look at my face and thinks I am the funniest person in the world.

I love his cubby legs and how he lets me just kiss him all over.

It saddens me that life can get so busy with my other kids that the time I have with my little man quickly slips away.

BUT… the good thing is I am capturing all these wonderful moments and I know they will bring pure joy for many many many years to come!

Grandma, daughters, and sons | Falmouth Maine Family Photography

It feels like it was yesterday when I was blessed to photograph his awesome family again.  I am still catching up with my blog posts - as you can tell by the fall foliage this session took place back in September.  

I can’t even put into words how fun this grandmother, sisters, and cousins were to photograph.  I tried to get the boys attention by singing little kid songs, however the moms started singing GREEN DAY!  Well, this is my type of family!  

These moms are going to have trouble in the future, because these boys are surely going to be heartbreakers!

(Click on photos to enlarge)