Meet our new bunny rabbit - Blackie Kitty.

We lost our dear rabbit in 2010 and ever since, it has left an empty spot in the family.  Ike was 8 years old and has lived with me through my years in New York City, Atlanta, Soldotna (Alaska), Anchorage, and Scarborough.  He was my first pet that I had on my own.

When I saw this little black bunny, I just fell in love with her.  She approached Bear and I without any hesitation, and didn’t hide from us like her sisters.  She also enjoyed being held, which was a plus for me since my three kids hardly let me cuddle with them anymore.

Blackie has settled quickly.  She runs around the house, goes in and out of her cage, and eats out of the kids’ hands.  My oldest named her Blackie, and my daughter wanted Kitty.  Her nicknames are also, Dora the Explorer and Nibbler.  I am so thrilled to see my love of animals passed along to my kids.