Guess who is going to be a big brother?

Baby #4 is on his/her way!!! Due in August!!!  We are so blessed that we get to have another baby and add to the craziness of the Cathy Clicks household!  I am just so thankful that God has choose me to be a parent to another one of His children.  

We won’t find out the gender of the baby and looking forward to the surprise.  I guessed right on my other three children.  My first feeling was another boy, but then I started feeling really sick (and continue to feel sick) which must mean I am having a girl.  I was really sick with my second child, who is a girl.  And with my two boys I had very mild sickness and felt very good.  I just started feeling “Turkey” move - which is his/her nickname.  

So if you will be booking a session with me this year, be prepared to see a waddling lady with a belly.  However, this won’t stop me from moving around to get the best photograph of your child or family.  Keep a look out for a special promotion, print and package changes, and my 2012 schedule.