From MailChimp Art Party

My kids were treated well at the MailChimp Art Party!  Kids drew pictures of Freddie, MailChimp's mascot for a billboard in Atlanta.  They displayed all the artwork for the party, and showered the kids with gifts, food, and fun!  Our kids insisted on wearing their t-shirts to bed and the next day.  They were also stamped with some tats from Tattly. MailChimp is the best company EVER!

You know you are a photographer, when you are constantly looking for great photo ops!

We visited my old college stomping grounds this past weekend.  It was so strange being back in Athens with four children in tow.  It was also different because I was seeing the city and campus with a photographer's eye.  I constantly saw great backdrops and photography opportunities. (Honestly, sometimes I wished I could turn it off!)  As you can see by the photos below, my daughter is the only one that allowed me to use her when I saw these photo ops!  Have a wonderful week!  

_MG_7237 copy.png
_MG_7241 copy.png
_MG_7182 copy.png

Country to City…. and new beginnings

Since moving to the city, we thought it was appropriate that our session for our Christmas card should be one of the beautiful painted walls in Atlanta.  It was hard to pick, but this one is under an overpass for the Marta (subway) off N. Dekalb in Kirkwood.

It hasn’t been the easiest transition, going from living on 10 acres to only having .63 acre.  And it has been a hard transition having my husband not work at home anymore.  He used to work 10 hour days, but only 4 days a week.  So I had Friday-Sunday to do sessions and work on photos.  Now he works at an office,  5 days a week.  I didn’t realize the blessing it was for my husband to be at home.  It has been draining, so my business has been put on hold.

I am still tired, like all the time, however I just cannot step away from what I love to do.  So hopefully when this cold weather disappears, I can start doing what I love again!  Look out Atlanta peeps, I will be having a special promotion to start out my business here.

My little guy turned ONE!

One year ago, I remember the days of just waiting…. and waiting, and waiting.  I couldn’t wait - not just because I was miserable, but I just wanted to meet this person that God has given me.

I feel complete now.

I feel so LUCKY that I get to be this little guy’s mama.  This guy makes me laugh and smile, and just brings pure joy to my days of craziness.  Even though he has been the worse sleeper out of all my kids, I will only look back and cherish the nights that I got to cuddle close to him.

365 days have gone by too fast.  I want it to slow down, but I look forward to the many many days that I get to spend with him.

Number 8

I am so blessed and thankful for 8 years of being happily married to my man.  It has been such a incredible journey, at times hard… but it is getting better and better.  I feel like the luckiest woman to share this journey with him.  

Today I woke up to find a Sea Bag with the number 8 on it and a plant inside.  The first gift he gave me, was also a bag with a plant inside.


Seriously, I am one lucky lady!

{me, my belly bump, and my girl}

I usually don’t like posting pictures of myself, however I had to share this one.  I didn’t take many belly pictures with my third child, so I wanted to make sure to capture my growing belly for my fourth.  My talented husband took this picture of me and I just had to share it.  Of course, my little model had to get in the photograph and I just love how it turned out.  My husband captured my natural smile, and one of my adorable daughter’s faces.  I love how her face is partly hidden by my belly.  I am now going on 23 weeks - I can’t wait to meet the little guy or gal.

{happy birthday to my daughter}

I can’t believe my daughter turns 4 today.

Has it really been four years since our precious little girl arrived?  

Time really does fly by and I can’t believe I only have one more year with her before she starts school.  

We just watched some home videos last night of when she was only 8 months old.  She had rolls like the pillsbury dough boy and

huge. huge. huge. CHEEKS!

so cute!

and now, in her words, “I’m so big now.”

Happy birthday my sweet little girl.  You are one special somebody!

5 months old…

now 4 years old…

Christmas Photo Session with My Children

I had great plans this year when thinking of our own Christmas session.  My oldest son does great, especially when candy is involved.  And well, as you can tell by all of photos, my daughter is my little model.  My youngest son usually always follows what big brother and sister are doing, but not this time!  Nothing worked - none of my tricks - nada!  At the end, I had to photoshop my youngest son to look up in the photo of the three of my kids.  I will share the before and after photo later.

These are my favorite images from the session!  Click on the individual images to enlarge and displays a slideshow.

Operation Christmas Child

For the past few days, my family and I have been packing shoeboxes for Operation Childmas Child.

It is a great way for you and your child to buy and pack a box for children who do not get the luxuries that we do during Christmas.  This organization partners with churches around the world to give a gift-filled box and to share the Good News of Jesus to hurting children. 

This weekend is the last weekend (sorry for the short notice) they are collecting boxes.  You can drop off your box at the address below from 6-7:30pm Friday, or 1-4pm on Saturday or Sunday.

Green Memorial AME Zion Church

46 Sheridan Street in Portland

What a journey

It has been a busy summer and a busy start of the school year.  I have so many great pictures to share and met so many great families this summer.  

My first baby started Kindergarten last week.  It was a hard and painful journey for my son and I.  On the first day, he resisted (more like screamed and wouldn’t let go of me) and I had to flee the room, while his teacher and principal held him back.  The wonderful principal called us a few hours later and told us he was doing just fine.  The whole rest of the week, he said, “I don’t want to go to Kindergarten,” had tantrums, challenged every possible instruction we asked of him, and had nightmares every night.  

Today was the first morning he did not complain about going to school.  Yesterday, he nodded yes (with a huge smile), when I asked him if he had fun at school.  My son is happy, and back to his ol’ self again!  I am one happy mama now!

My daughter had her first day of preschool this week.  She is total opposite of my son.  She went into her classroom without looking back.

And of course, I can’t leave my third one out.  He just follows me around as I play chauffeur, but of course he had to wear a little backpack just like big brother and sister.

All three - I love this picture because it just really expresses each of my child’s personalities!